Carbon Fiber/Composite


MORE composite foam grips are manufactured to exacting standards with proprietary processes resulting in products that are unmatched in terms of price and performance. Although shown with carbon fiber, grips can be made with a variety of composite materials (Kevlar, fiberglass, etc.) as well as with natural organic fibers like flax, jute, etc. The style of grip provides enhanced sensitivity, as well as a modern high tech appearance. Made with the highest quality marine and aerospace grade materials, these grips will stand the test of time. 



Located on the edge of a cork oak forest in a community with generations of cork production experience, MORE offers products which feature the highest grade locally sourced cork. Each handle is carefully constructed utilizing marine grade epoxy and hand crafted with the highest level of quality control to provide robust and beautiful handles that will last for years. Being committed to the environment and sustainability, MORE utilizes cork waste from their own and local processing facilities to engineer high performance composite cork/polymer materials that showcase the best properties of both materials while providing a beautiful custom appearance. These materials may be customized to optimize the appearance, color, hardness, density etc. providing a truly one-of-a-kind grip. On select products, MORE even offers handles containing Olive wood which has been stabilized in their own proprietary processes which are unique in the market.
Please contact sales for custom options. 

EVA Foam

MORE EVA foam grips are manufactured with the highest standards. We believe in demanding more from our products and it starts with our EVA grips. EVA grips are durable, dense, and exceptionally comfortable. They are an excellent “go to” choice for their reliability and ability to be replaced with ease when worn out.