Warranty Information

At MORE we know that fishing rod is not just a mere piece of equipment; it is an investment, an extension of you, connecting you to the fish you prize. And a broken rod? Well, this is a tragedy, severing this wonderful connection. And although nobody expects a tragedy, no matter how careful a person may be as they handle their prized rods, there is always the occasional accident and we want to make sure you are covered. So, for as long as you (the original registered owner) own your MORE rod we will offer you the support you need.

How it works.  

  • Contact MORE through our Contact Form to request a Return Authorization. Be sure to provide the type of rod and describe the problem in the message field.
  • MORE staff will evaluate the information provided and contact you with respect to the rod. If necessary, they will issue a Return Authorization and  provide you with shipping details.
  • Securely pack and then ship us the rod.
  • Upon arrival, we will evaluate the rod and determine the appropriate repair.
  • We will inform you of the cost of