Pilau Multi-Purpose Boat Rods

Pilau Multi-Purpose Boat Rods


Pilau rods are single piece rods of exceptional value that  have been optimized for Mediterranean waters.
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Getting design input from some of the top fishermen of the region, Pilau rods  have been optimized for the Mediterranean waters. They are single piece fast action rods that provide exceptional lifting capability while keeping weight at a minimum. Although the rod action has been optimized for bottom fishing with live bait, they are true multi-purpose rods that perform exceptionally well in jigging and other techniques as well. The black and gold color scheme with underwrapped guides and a decorative Dragon Scale makes the Pilau exquisite to look at as it is to fish.  Featuring Fuji Guides, a Fuji Heavy Duty Tip, a Forecast Heavy Duty Graphite Reel Seat and an Alps rubberized gimbal, Pilau rods are built to land the biggest fish and faithfully serve you for years to come.





Rod Action



Fuji MN Guides and Fuji UX Heavy Duty Tip

Reel Seat

Forecast Heavy Duty Graphite


Specifications are subject to change without notice and components may be substituted with items of equal or greater quality or value at MORE's discretion.