Chirch Surf

Chirch Surf Rod


3 Piece Semi-Parabolic Surf Rod with 100-200g Casting weight
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    • Hand woven decorative thread15 $

Building upon the previous success of the Umpqua, the Chirch Surf rod is a rod with exceptional performance for the money. Fitted with Fuji Low Rider guides and a Fuji Reel Seat it is evident that quality and performance were top considerations in its design. Custom made carbon fiber ferrule reinforcement rings and proprietary ultra-light handle inserts keep the rod light and comfortable in the hand yet still strong and robust. Its tubular tip is strong and capable of launching long casts yet supple and sensitive enough to pick up subtle movements from the fish. Competitive fisherman have commented that it is sensitive like some hybrid tip rods but retains more power- in short it casts and fishes well.  Its hand polished metallic gray finish and coordinated thread make the Chirch as pleasing to the eye as it is to hold. Truly, it is an excellent all multi-purpose surf rod and one of best value surf rods available on the market today.





Rod Action



Fuji Low Rider Guides

Reel Seat

Fuji Deluxe Graphite Reel Seat