Barkoukech Salmon/Steelhead Rods

Barkoukech Salmon/Steelhead Rods


9' 2-Piece, Moderate Fast Action Salmon/Steelhead Rods available in Medium Heavy and Heavy Powers.
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  • Create your own unique rods

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    • Hand woven decorative thread15 $

Barkoukech Salmon/Steelhead rods are the perfect blend of sensitivity, durability and beauty. Available in both casting and spinning versions they are great performers across a wide range of fishing styles.  Barkoukech rods feature Fuji real seats and ALPS marine grade 316 stainless steel guides with Zirconium rings that are strong, saltwater friendly and braid proof. If enhanced performance is desired, you may upgrade your Barkoukech to include an ALPS Torey Carbon filled MVT (Micro Vibration Transmission) Real Seat and Solid Titanium Guide Frames which reduce weight, increase sensitivity and durability. The natural cork handles are crafted from the highest quality locally grown and hand selected cork, constructed with marine certified epoxy and then hand finished. The handle is finished with a small batch, hand crafted composite cork fighting butt resulting in a beautiful, heirloom quality handle that feels as good as it looks. Truly, these rods lead the pack in terms of quality and value.





Rod Action

Moderate Fast


ALPS 316 Stainless Steel With Zirconium Rings
(Can be upgraded to solid Titanium)

Reel Seat

Fuji Casting or Spinning
(Can be upgrade to ALPS MVT (Micro Vibration Transmission)


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