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  • Why Tabarka? It is so small and there is so little available?
    Why are you in Tabarka? It is so small and so far from Tunis; there is nothing there. Well, on a superficial level, Tabarka is just beautiful. It is the only place in the country where there is beautiful green forested mountains that extend down to the sea. Everybody who visits talks about the beauty. But on a more practical note, Tabarka   is within a region of the country that has been designated by the national government as a priority development zone due to the high unemployment, lack of infrastructure and minimal industry and investment. So, Tabarka fits with our vision and passion to help; it needs investment and employment opportunities, and therefor we feel that our company can have a positive impact even though it is small. Strategically speaking, this location serves MORE well because of its proximity to the cork forests and sea, the large labor pool, competitive labor rates and the government incentives to promote business development and employment.

Second topic

  • Delivery Times.
    How long will it take to get my new rod?
    • Our rods are built to order, so the amount of time is dependent on several factors:
      • the amount of customization required
      • our current backlog of work
      • our current stock or raw materials and components
      • our supplier lead times (if we need to bring in supplies)
    Considering the above factors, it will generally take 15 business days from the date of order or us to complete the build and ship the rod. In some circumstances ( for highly customized rods or some of our most exclusive products), it may take four to six weeks. We will provide a shipping estimates within two business days of your order, or of course, you can always contact our sales team for an estimate.
  • Shipping methods?